Saturday, 2 September 2017

long overdue CH250 Spacy/Elite update

Some pics of the Space/Elite so far:

 The rear wheel in its final setup: a gold painted steel quad rim with a stretched 120/90-10 Pirelli SL90 tyre.

About 6 cm clearance gives it a proper stance...

I cleaned the signal light and used them for rear and brake lights


 the radiator/ front skirt frame, the top shocks strut and right wheel mount before they were powder coated

Saturday, 2 July 2016

back on track building the CH250 Spacy/Elite

You could pretty say this is a sad excuse for a blog. The latest entry was about six months ago! I've been busy moving from the old workshop to the new one, making ends meet to finance that whole enterprise and other distracting business. 
But I decided no more and set myself a dead line. I entered a bike build-off contest which takes place on September 24-25, so now I have a date to work towards to.

I was lucky to get myself a donor bike, a CN250 clone with only 1600 kms on the speedo, that has a good running engine.Also  parts like the radiator and hoses have a better fit then the Spacy/Elite parts.
I lengthened the fork stem of the RS125 front fork and was able to refit the original bearings with only a 25 to 30mm shim on the bottom.
The rear wheel still aligned on the CN250 engine, but the rear shock mounts have to be widened a bit at the frame.
I have to build some struts to strengthen the engine mount to the top of the frame..

Saturday, 10 October 2015

new front fork setup for the CH250 Spacy/Elite

I found the perfect front fork for the CH250 Spacy/Elite; a 2001 Aprilia RS125 upside down. It has the proper length and make the whole scoot a lot more beefier.
I will probably will need to lengthen the stem with the original stem and make a bushing for the bottom plate to fit the fork.
I have to replace the brake caliper to the right side of the fork. Luckily you can flip the original front wheel axle..

Saturday, 29 August 2015

DIY tyre blaster for the Spacy/Elite fatty

Built myself a tyre blaster from a compressor tank, 11/2 inch water valve and pipe. Works nicely!

Spacy/Elite swing arm so far

Been a while since my last post. The swing arm and shock mount is almost finished. Only some small reinforcements. But it is working; I've installed two 245mm Forsa shocks and a stretched 120/90-10 Pirelli SL90 tyre. It has got enough clearance between engine and back fender...

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Elite/Spacy at the Rusty Gold Swap+Meet Amsterdam

Last Sunday I attended the Rusty Gold Swap+Meet in Amsterdam to show my freshly built motorcycle work bench. I needed a bike to show how the lift mechanism worked, so I took my fatty stretched Spacy/Elite. Not in riding condition though…
Definitely need to get it back on the road this year!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Remake of a motorcycle work bench

I found an image of a vintage motorcycle work bench on Pinterest. Loved the principle of a seesaw. It also fitted my range of workshop stools I designed earlier.So I made one myself from oak flooring boards.
I will be showing it on the Rusty Gold Swap+Meet in Amsterdam this May 3rd.